Watercolour illustration for a poster to promote an upcoming crime-comedy film being made in Perth. The background and shoes were painted seperately and combined in Photoshop to allow for flexible use of the illustration across social media.
Client:  Scamper Design
Illustration and typography for The Shire of Shark Bay's entry in "Banners In The Terrace" 2017.
The banner came first in the professional category, and the overall competition.
Client: Scamper Design
Illustration for The Shire of Cranbrook's entry in "Banners In The Terrace" 2018.
Client: Piksoul
The client was looking for a black and white cartoony street art style that represented Perth and creativity in a fun and unusual way.
*As of 13 June 2018, the work is not yet in use by Piksoul but I've been granted permission to show it in my portfolio.
Client: Shaun Passmore
Illustration for the Ellenbrook Youth Exhibition in a modern vector style.
Client: Scamper Design
Illustration for the Department of Transport Midland's e-Newsletter.
Client: Climbers' Association of WA
Illustration for a t-shirt to sell members for fundraising.
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